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Why Nuclear?

Fuel your ambition

Nuclear presents a dynamic and impactful career landscape. Discover a world of secure and exciting opportunities to make a genuine contribution to some of our nation’s biggest challenges.

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It’s not all technical

While technical skills are valuable, the nuclear sector offers diverse career paths for everyone. You can contribute to cutting-edge projects, manage massive infrastructure, or even support community outreach – no science or engineering degree required.

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Powering progress, protecting the nation

Nuclear plays a vital role in shaping the UK's future in broader ways. Nuclear power produces carbon-free electricity that lights homes, fuels businesses, and keeps the economy moving.

The impact of nuclear goes beyond power grids. The expertise within the sector plays a crucial role in ensuring the strength and effectiveness of the UK's nuclear deterrent, contributing to global peace and security. Nuclear is not just an energy source; it's a critical part in building a secure future for the UK.

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Always innovating

The sector is constantly evolving. Our defence capability is growing and nuclear technology is crucial. New nuclear developments are part of the solution for Net Zero energy for us all.

Pushing the boundaries of science, research into nuclear fusion promises a near-limitless clean energy future, while small modular reactors could contribute to changing the way nuclear energy powers the grid.

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Driven by the future and global needs

In an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, the UK's nuclear programme offers a multi-layered solution. While its deterrent capability acts as a cornerstone of national security, nuclear technology offers additional strategic advantages.

The nuclear sector drives cutting-edge research and development, attracting skilled talent and fostering an innovative ecosystem. This benefits various industries by accelerating technological advancements and creating high-value jobs.

With its minimal environmental impact, nuclear offers a powerful alternative in the fight against climate change. By investing in this technology, the UK can secure a sustainable future, meeting its environmental commitments and ensuring long-term safety and security for the country.

Joining the nuclear sector is about forging a safe, secure more sustainable future for the UK. From building power stations to manufacturing submarines, the nuclear sector offers a wide variety of roles.

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Building trust and collaboration

We're already seeing big investments in the sector. But imagine how fast things could move if leading global companies all shared knowledge and worked together? By joining forces, we can speed up innovation, make sure nuclear power creates a clean, more sustainable and safe planet for everyone.

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Rewarding and meaningful

From the depths of our oceans to the highlands of Scotland, working in nuclear is more than just a job. It's about contributing to important national missions, like safely delivering clean energy throughout its whole lifecycle and protecting our nation. The sector boasts strong job security, competitive salaries and benefits packages, flexible working options, and a positive working culture with opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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